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Tap best talent, solutions and knowledge within and outside of your organisation.

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StartYou - Ewelina Janus


StartYOU mission is to create a vibrant eco-system of knowledge and idea exchange through a supportive mentorship culture and collaboration.

Launch your challenge and achieve your goals

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

Identify, design and develop key challenges

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

Launch and execute your open innovation challenge

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

Scale and achieve maximum reach

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

Connect, engage with domestic and international community


Strategic alignment

StartYOU leverages 12 years of its experience in execution of social and business challenge-driven programs.

Scaling methodology

StartYOU uses proven mix of scaling methodologies and tools to maximise your reach at a minimum cost.

Engage with university talent in Poland and South Asia

Enhance your human resource practices to boost entrepreneurship and solution- oriented culture:

- promote your employer brand

- attract and engage the right talent

- create your community and pipeline

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

Connect with start-ups and solutions

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

Meet specific Industry 4.0 transformation goals:

- source and spot best solutions for your industry

- develop new businesses and investment opportunities

- reduce your time to market

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

Ewelina Janus

Started her career in Booz Allen Hamilton, Germany 2007. Founded Aravindam India 2011. National Director of a Hult Prize in India, $1Million Students' Social Entrepreneurship competition 2016-18, StartYOU Consultant since 2018. Mentor for entrepreneurship programs for students from Ashoka University, SOIL, MDI, IITs, IIMs in India. Successfully brought social entrepreneurship opportunity to thousands of students.

During her work in India, she has been creating synergies, facilitating collaborations, bringing together various stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem. Mentored several startups, built national mentorship program and collaborations with incubators.

Leverages the experience of the international innovation ecosystems, combining knowledge of open innovation and human resource development to help both, entrepreneurs and organisations. She is well versed with the cultures, possibilities and challenges of the world's fastest, highly populated, and yet underserved mega economy, India, at a very grassroot level.

Acquired Bachelor degree in Professional Education and Economic Educational Science from RWTH Aachen; Master of Science degree in Management from Lancaster University.

Unlocking unlimited potential.

StartYOU helps you design and deliver customised internal and external innovation programs to meet your specific business needs.

About StartYOU

StartYOU Consulting is an open innovation consultancy, helping organizations identify and engage entrepreneurial talent and solutions using unconventional sourcing methods.

It leverages its rich execution experience of local, national and international impact oriented entrepreneurship projects and programs in various industrial areas.

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

Innovation management solution

Launch your open innovation challenge to implement best solutions in your industry and achieve your innovation goals


Human resources solution

Launch your open innovation challenge to engage best talent and achieve your recruitment and employer branding objective


About Aravindam India Foundation

Educational impact enterprise focused on empowering more than 300 slum children and women through academic, entrepreneurial, creative, cultural and heritage learning. Founded by Ewelina Janus with an objective to create nourishing learning environments and reawaken the unique potential of every individual. Its learning centers are located in Gurgaon, Pachgaon and Nilokheri, India.

Learn more at www.aravindam.org

StartYou - Ewelina Janus

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